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RMPA 500 Club

During 2002, a new exclusive Club was created in order to generate funds to support the organizations efforts of opening our Youth Center, in Iaeger, West Virginia. Any member donating $500.00 or more in cash or goods, or have raised in excess of $500.00 towards our mission becomes amember of the club. Each member receives a RMPA 500 Club lapel pin (as pictured above). In addition the members of this exclusive club are listed below and the names of the members of the 500 club will be engraved in a Brass plaque and mounted in a prominent place at the retreat. We would enjoy listing our entire membership list below and on the plaque. Our Youth Camp is our way of giving back to our nation and we hope to have it operating soon.

Our RMPA 500 Club members:

Bobby D Mullens, Charles London, Ted Cowsert,


William McNeeley, Vance R. Bublitz, Brian Mullins,


John Huskey, Jake Rhines, Stephen B. Mullins,


Mack Mullins, Jackie Snapp, Ralph A. George,


Dr. Dowell E. Mullins, Harold C. Peterson,


George R. Baldwin, Harold L. Burleson, James R. Adams,


Nevin R. Williams, Nathan E. Sizemore, David A. Rocha,


William G Peters, Lenora M. Mullins, Charles A. West,


Jimmy R. Williams, Sharon Peters, H. Jeff Melvin,


William G. Golden, Richard E. Wilson,


Eugene R. Cromartie, Joyce B. Cromartie,


John J. Flanagan, Oland B. Little, Joseph W. Furlough,


Walter V. Collins, William N.F. Geiger, Herman H. Bunce,


Richard A. Wisler, Wilma D. Wisler, Charles O. Davis Jr.,


Myrtle L. Davis, Donald E. George, John P. Joyce,


Warren J. Mathieu, John W. Hodges, William Bryan Peters,


Carl E. Younce, Mary Sizemore, Billy D Barrett,


James E Syndergaard, Dennie E. Thurmond, Joy A. Halter


Thurmond, Donnie G. Bowman, John P. Fanning,


Edith L. Bunce, Martha W. George, William Helfrich,


Glenn D. Peters, Vivian S. Porter, Charles R. Warner,


James W. Frye, Janie P Bowman, Laura B. Mullins,


Lenora M. Mullins, Patricia Baldwin, Ronald W. Adams


and William L. Parris.






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