Military Police Units and History

    Richard Burch has graciously provide the organization with some Military Police Unit History. He provided the information, links and files to make this possible courtesy of Members will find most of this information interesting and you may find a unit you served in. This page will be under construction for awhile and we will continue to add units as long as the information comes in. We will accept contributions from all. Enjoy!

HQ, 504th Military Police Battalion

Co A, 504th MP Battalion

Co B, 504th MP Battalion

Co C, 504th MP Battalion

382nd Military Police Battalion

Co A, 382nd MP Battalion

Co B, 382nd MP Battalion

Co C, 382nd MP Battalion

Co D, 382nd MP Battalion

285th MP Company

537th MP Company

25th MP Company, Cu Chi

31st MP Detachment, Germany

Co A, 709th Military Police Battalion

Co B, 709th MP Battalion

Co C, 709th MP Battalion

Co D, 709th MP Battalion

8th MP Company, 8th Inf Div (WWII & the Cold War Period)