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"Support our Troops" Welcome to the Retired Military Police Association Site For those local to Fort Bragg, The newly formed Chapter 1 will continue to meet on the first Saturday of each month location to be announced (2 June *** Fuller Rec Center on Old Bunce Rd), we will start at 0830. Further information can be obtained by contacting one of our officers/board members Bring your wife, bring a new member, join in the comraderie (See you there?)As a national organization we are always looking for new members nationwide...dues for 2008 are $15.00...


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 Times Change & People Change

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RMPA National Organization -- Is seeking a Secretary.

The Director of the RMPA, Oland Little is looking for a volunteer to serve as the RMPA Secretary until the Conference in October.  At the same time if there is anyone interested in seeking the position through the election process, please comply with  Article V of the RMPA Constitution when submitting their name.

Please submit names to Oland Little. RMPA Director  at OBLBPL@AOL.COM or Tommy Strickland at helen47@embarqmail.com

Fayetteville/Ft Bragg Chapter -- information for those local to Fayetteville, NC Only: Meets at the Fuller Recreation Center on Bunce Road at 0830.  Breakfast is $10.00 dollars per person (still catered) whatever your belly will hold. Just a reminder that the monthly meeting/breakfast of Chapter 1, RMPA, normallys meet the 1st Saturday of each month. Time: Between 0800 & 0830.

Georgia Chapter -- information for those local to Augusta, GA Only: No information to report. Send information to the Webmaster and it will be posted.

South Carolina Chapter -- information for those local to Columbia, SC: No information to report. Send information to the Webmaster and it will be posted.


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